Sometimes I just wish I had a "real" mental illenes. Because I don't understand social phobia, I'm scared of talking? Of people? It dosen't make sense.. If you are scared of spiders or small places, I get that, there is a possible that you can die or get injured. But you don't die from talking to people! So why I'm I so scared?! Why can't I talk to people?! It dosen't make any sense..
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I can remember a time when I would have panic attacks every time I looked some one in the eyes. I wished I was blind so I wouldn't have to have these feelings. I still have these feelings sometimes. I become so ingrossed in my feelings while I'm looking at someone that I don't hear what they're saying.

Social anxiety is real. Trust me.
It may seem like a fear of talking to people, but it's deeper than that. Like wildfire575 said, it's a fear of rejection or judgement, afraid of not responding adequately to someone or fear of making a fool of one self.
Social anxiety is like trying to speak to an audience of a million with an unprepared speech, if you say the wrong things, they might look down on you or judge your worth...It feels like failure...

Yes, I know all this, but it dosen't make sense why that's supposed to be so scary

Maybe it's not fear, maybe it's just worry?
Like extreme worry, & since, assuming your heart would beat fast, it feels like fear?

Than why is it called phobia?

I don't mean to dodge the question, but I'd like to know what do you think about when you're faced with social situations? Do you worry you'll say the wrong thing or worry they'll judge you? Do you think the worse to come from social situations? That's social anxiety.
Or do you fear people will hurt you? Do you fear that people might be dangerous to you? Do you avoid people?
That's social phobia.

It's a bit of both for me...

Also, personally, it makes sense to me why people would be scared of people. When you think about it, people hurt others... They break hearts, they break trust, they betray, they lie, they use others like objects, they abandon...
Of course, there are some who aren't like that, but sometimes it's hard to trust who won't hurt you internally...
People can be don't know what they're going to do to you...
This reasoning is just from my experience & encountering others with social anxiety.

I'm not afraid of people hurting me or are dangerouse, but I have been diagnosed by my doctor, social phobia. I don't think they'll abandon me or lie, I don't care much about that. But I'm scared when I'm around people that they will judge me, and because of that I avoid people when I can (but that's not really helping).

It's not a phobia. A phobia is a fear of something in particular like bugs or whatever...... It's social anxiety.

Ok if you think so, but I'll still belive my doctor

I've been there, so don't think I don't get it.
I heard something that's stuck with me for decades- "Friends are people who join us in a conspiracy against the rest of the world"
, Perhaps once you feel you have some OF that.. fuxk em a good portion of the world isn't worth.... who really cares...

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Probably afraid of their reaction or being judged/rejection, I used to be that way. Hopefully you grow out of it. Chess!

I meant cheers!* lol