Any tips on how I can over come it? I always stay silent when I meet people because I'm so scared of what they'll think of how I am. I always trip out on wether or not they'll like me and then I just don't say anything so I don't make a fool out of myself. I wish I could be more laid back and not always so tense.
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2 Responses Mar 17, 2016

How I started to get over the fear was by facing the fear. For example, fear of phone calls was part of my social anxiety. The more and more I built up the little moment of courage, the more I got used to it and the less fear I had. Same with meeting new people. You're always scared and worried about what they'll think of you, but think about it while you're in the moment. Tell yourself that it doesn't matter what they think I'll judge them back if they do, I might never see them again, if I don't say anything to them now will I ever get better? Keep trying and trying every moment you have. They've met people a thousand times worse than you and they'd be stupid if they even thought of you as anything so negative. The more you try to say hi, the better you will get to taking away the fear. You could plan your conversation out before you say anything if that helps, sometimes I end up not knowing what to say next and there's just this long awkward silence so I think up of all these questions that could be conversed on, or take your time, breath and once you said hi, think about your next step :) I hope this helped. Making social anxiety go away takes a long time so don't give up. It is possible <3 you can do it

Try to catch yourself thinking too much about what to say or do, and when you do, immediately make a decision and follow through with it without doubting it. This has always helped me get through being overly self-conscious.