How much of this pertains to you? I know most of this pertains to me.

"People who are socially anxious are excessively fearful that others will criticize their public behavior. They worry that they will appear inarticulate or stupid, or show embarrassing signs that they are anxious or weak. It is this feared disapproval from others that causes their distress.
The socially anxious person seeks ways to avoid this risk whenever possible, feels significant anxiety long before the event, and continues experiencing anxiety and worry throughout the performance. After the event, he analyzes his every move and negatively interprets the response of others, even though the "performance" might have been the simple act of eating a sandwich at a fast food restaurant.
Almost all socially anxious people fear public speaking. The four other top ranking fears are: eating in public, signing one's name or writing in public, using public bathrooms and being the center of attention
The following chart lists the common situations which socially anxious people can dread.
Acting, performing, or giving a talk in front of audience
Talking to people in authority
Expressing opinions
Job interview
Expressing disagreement
Speaking up at a meeting
Responding to criticism
Giving a report to a group
Giving and receiving compliments
Eating in public places
Asking for a date
Drinking in public places
Answering personal questions
Urinating in a public bathroom
Meeting strangers
Being the center of attention
Calling someone unfamiliar
Entering a room when others are already seated
Returning goods to a store
Going to a party
Making eye contact
Giving a party
Resisting a high-pressure salesperson
Joining on-going conversations
Making mistakes in front of others
Participating in small groups
Taking a test
Bumping into someone you know
Writing while being observed
Talking with people you do not know very well
Working while being observed
Initiating conversation with someone attracted to"

Hopefully this info is useful in some way.
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I can do all of the things that's listed above, I can even eat alone in a restaurant, ask some stranger when Im lost somewhere, etc. what i cant do is talk to many people and being watched by many while im talking to one person, I just cant concentrate i will start stuttering and it will become a mess and made me feel embarrassed and will think of it for a year, (joke) atleast two weeks, keep telling my self im so stupid, and lousy. It will mess my head for a few weeks, and I when my friend or some strange number is calling me I get very nervous and anxious to answer it, so I will not answer it and ignore them and just for their message so I can tell that im just busy. When my husband invite people to come over I will freak out and get mad at him why he invited people over and I will get nervous about it for a week or so. Im also an introvert, I don't like talking for a long period of time.

It's sad to have social anxiety, and I can be worried and anxious all the time

You just described me in a nutshell

Literally what I told a friend too "me in a nutshell".