At the party. I don't even know why im here. :|
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Glad you went and gave it a try. Do you regret having gone to the party? It makes a big difference if the people at the party are people you can relate to, or people with whom you don't have anything in common. I think that a big part of social anxiety is due to the awareness that we are different from those around us: social events become a situation where we feel "surrounded by potential enemies" who would not stand up for us (at best) or attack us (at worst). I've been looking to befriend people with my same interests and values since I was a teenager and it seem that the few people I can relate are on-line only, thousand of miles away.

I've been looking for that "friend" since forever. Everybody around me seems to be all outgoing and extroverts. I didn't know my sister (who I always hang out with) has the same anxiety and she's been hiding it from everybody. She can't keep it anymore so she told me. It's making her depress. She's this type of girl who always show people she's tough. But deep inside she's really not. I'm so surprised. I wanna told her I've been looking for someone like me and never you're just there next to me.

Didn't know you're just there next to me*

Thats why i avoid parties :/