I don't know what's wrong with me. I cry loads, thinking about the future, where I will be in 2 years time.

I don't know. I know I keep to much in. I battled self harm alone. People in my family knew, just thought I was attention seeking. But I was really hurt.
Just wanna talk to someone.
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1 Response Mar 30, 2016

It's hard I know..... The fact that you won from harming yourself shows that you are strong. I don't know if you are going to a therapist, that might be a good idea. Maybe you'll find out what you can do to make it more manageable. it's really hard to make the thoughts stop, the only thing you can try is make them less powerful or try and balance it out with some positive thoughts (I know that's probably almost impossible, but still it's something). And you're not alone!

I think you are a strong woman who can fight this!! I believe in you!

Thank you so much. I don't see a therapist, since my mum found out she disregarded all matters of my self harm and depression. Like I have the scars but she never thought I did it because I was upset. Apparently I was doing it for attention.

I appreciate your comment. I hope one day I can fight this. It makes me happy knowing someone believes in me. 😊😊😊

I know you can do it. Just keep fighting and don't give in to despair. There will be times that you feel like giving up, but you go and show that you don't go down easy! And still try and talk to you mum about getting help, it might really help you. It did for me, mainly. And try to go out or at least don't lock yourself up, the more you keep yourself locked up the worse it gets.

And don't be afraid to talk ok? Just having someone to vent a little or just to be there to lend an ear could help.