What's a good way to die anybody know
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Hello, many attempts at suicide fail and leave people very ill and suffering, or they do succeed but have very unpleasent and drawn out deaths. I was a nurse in an Accident and Emergency department many years ago and saw some very tragic painful deaths. Please try and get help. If you are in UK Samaritans are very good. I hope things get better for you. Anthony

Don't die. I know I have social anxiety too and I go through a lot of stuff but if you let death get to you it's not going to make it easier or better for you. Be strong and keep on fighting because what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and you will get through this if you keep your head held high and hold on cause life has so much to offer and you only life once so use life as best as you can. Make the most of life.

Old, if you don't give up and keep fighting the negative thoughts. Don't let it win!

Letting death find you

There is always a small chance for survival no matter what way. People have survived the stranges things.


Wish I knew else I wouldn't be alive today

Feel me

It's real b