I don't really know how to use this website yet so I'm sorry if I'm doing this wrong.

but anyways, I have really bad anxiety and it's so bad that I have panic attacks every time I go into my classroom or walk around downtown. It all started at the beginning of last semester when I started at a new school and I only went there because my "friends" were there, who were actually only pretending to be my friends because I bough them stuff. But anyways, I would sit in the hallways all by myself.

I had a really good thing to write but I forgot it I'm sorry.
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First of all, there is nothing to be sorry about. You still wrote a good story.

If you keep having the panic attacks or they get more apparent. I would try and find some help, or at least try and talk to your parents. Maybe make sure the school knows as well, so they know about it.

But the most important thing is, it's not your fault. Your so called friends used you and your good intention. that's not your fault, but theirs! You are a great person who has a big heart and you'll find real friends. I'm sure of it. Just hang in there

I told my teachers and they just said that if I go to class more often then I'll get over it, but thank you <3

I would suggest trying to make new friends and maybe starting fresh with a different school and also, have you talked to your perants about this or anyone? Plus, have confidence and everytime you start to have a panic attach or worry about somethin, just think of something that makes you happy instead

that's ok the computers are back up here.