social anxiety, where do i start? lets just say this condition is messing up my life. i havnt ate lunch at school in 3 months cause i cant decide where to sit, or cause im afraid to sit by myself.. im afraid to get up in the middle of class to go to the restroom cause im afraid people will stare at me and think im walking funny or my hair is parted weirdly. this kind of stuff is taking control of my life and i dont know what to do. i have NOT been officially been diagnosed with social anxiety but i am 100% positive i do. i have never been so sure in my whole life. i have researched it over and over, ive takin online tests and disorder responses. most sites say i need to get help and im to afraid to talk to my parents because of the stupid disorder. im afraid they wont believe me or think im insane. my step dad is extremely quick to judge and it makes it hard to talk about anything. i guess my parents dont even know i have this problem. ive brought it up a couple times but nobody seems to get the hint or even acknowledge what im saying. i cant eat in public without constant concern someone is watching me eat and making fun of me. i need help. i cant read outloud in class or answer questions in class, i cant walk down the hallway, or up the stairs, sometimes i turn down hanging out with friends because im just so afraid something is going to happen and im going to get embarrased. if you guys have any advice please help me!!!
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same with me. I don't ask questions or pee during class because I feel like everybody is saying "look at that idiot. so gross she has to pee" it's so annoying.. my friends ask me to hang out but I haven't hung out with friends since last year

Do what it has been said about the school counselor. Don't be afraid. People with social anxiety only find more difficult to do things other people do easily. You are not less than anyone else, only have a problem you have to solve. It's not easy and you will have to put an effort but believe me, in some years, if you do things to improve, you will feel better and more confident.
The sooner you begin, the better.

Tell the counselor about your afraid to telling your parents about your problem and (s)he will tell you the best way to talk to them about the issue. Please, don't wait up to be 24 as I did.

Parents are the first concerned about their children anf even when they wished you have not this problem, once they realized it, they will help you. Trust yourself and them.

U r probably rly awesome. Most ppl with sa r rly cool but they're also different which makes them so much more special. The extroverts r so open bc they r so much like everyone else so there's no the introverts... They r the coolest and most interesting ones.

Please do talk to your guidance counselor and tell her everything about it, it would help a lot. 😊