I have this friend that I text all the time and I can't seem to talk to her in person. Any advice to help me talk to her?
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Give her time. It will play out

I'm like that I can never talk to people in person

But I feel like I'm being rude when I can't talk to her

Just try to explain to them why texting is easier

Well, are there any probles arising between u and ur friend by chance? Cause this is exactley what happened to me, so dont feel left out!

No not really

Well than, try to get her to talk to you, start with a "Hey why dont you want to talk to me ? I would really like to know." something like that

Well it's more me not being able to talk to her

Ohhh ok now I see it. do u feel intimidated when you talk to her at all?

Not really

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