Today I shopped. I shopped!!!! which I have never done by myself before! :D. I brought myself new clothes (ALL BY MYSELF). I can't feel more happy about that :'). Small things are done, gotta be ready for universities now :S.
Thanks everyone who may have gone through the pain of reading my previous loooooonnng stories. Thankyou! And thanks for the feedback :) (it helped). *sigh* I'll miss ep.
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3 Responses Apr 21, 2016

Double post! What happened? :-)

You need to be more specific xD.

Congratulations!!!! You did it bc you have a strenght inside you that you don't know that you have, but it's there.
Well done, girl!

Many thanks! :D

lol congrats

Ty :3

I love shopping too lol lol

Ohh great !! :D