Social Phobia X

I suffer from social phobia, I always thought I was different from being a child and worried about anything if it involved other people x

After being diagnosed with depression at the end of 2000 at 19 after having a break down it took 9 more years for my work's Doctor (I work or did work for the NHS) to say I had acute anxiety leaning more towards social phobia which brings on depression x

It's such a lonely life and nobody truly understands unless they are suffering and struggling themselves x My Mum is great and tries her hardest to understand but I realise how hard this must be for her x

When I read up on it I felt a sense of relief because everything I had been feeling and thinkin that I didnt understand was described to a 'T'
I just wish I could stop feelin guilty about it coz I feel others feel I should be x

Ive missed out on so much in life because of the extreme feelings and thoughts, panic attacks and the freezin x Makes it worse that you dont want people to notice you are so scared so develop safety behaviours that sometimes are a detrement as well as a help x I have friends but none close, they dont understand and I tend to keep away anyway coz I dont want to be a nuisance or hinderance to them x

Well I hope I can talk to people who are feelin the same x

M x

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Hiya gooseegg,<br />
<br />
So glad that you are startin to feel better, I hope I can be there one day. Ive been through times when I feel Im gettin better then I fall twice as hard x<br />
Ive had numerous therapies over the past 9yrs but nothiin has helped permanently, helps to share things an that day I feel a cloud has been lifted but afterwards it just comes back x<br />
Think my psychiatrist is at a bit of a loss too, he's talkin about self help groups run by a voluntary organisation but unless there's a teacher like person I will just freeze and say nothin an as in 'real-life' be overwhelmed and talked over x<br />
Just hope there are other things out there, not through lack of tryin which is the most upsettin thing :-(

Hiya unknown311,<br />
<br />
That's exactly the same as me, I push myself for others coz they will otherwise be on my back tellin me Im not helpin myself x People dont seem to understand that even tho Im pushin myself to just go to a woman's 30min gym that Im ok but that is stressful enough and then I cant seem to do much more, the fear is there long afterwards and I panic when Im in the house on me own :-(<br />
<br />
I too know it's irrational but it doesnt stop it and it's so tirin isnt it?<br />
I find when people make out (or seem to) that it aint as bad as their situation or you arent helpin yourself that it makes me more down and withdrawn coz they will never truly know how it feels x<br />
I rarely see any friends now coz I struggle to be round them an feel so out of me depth and think they are sick of me :-(<br />
<br />
Not good x

I too have been down this road. I am starting to come out of it though. Seek medical treatment if you have'nt already. It helps to talk it out. There is something deep down that is bothering you and you need to identify it, or at least try to. Medication may also help. I have recovered from severe panic attacks that were so bad that I was barely able to leave the house. Basically I was up all night with extreme anxiety then panic would start to set in as I got up to leave the house. Then pretty much panic attacks all day long at work. That was over 2 years ago. Now I am starting to overcome it. I still avoid certain situations with people, but at least my anxiety levels are down and panic attacks are all but gone. This is beatable people!!

I am exactly the same. I fear that I do things now-a-days to please not myself, but my peers and family. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure I would drop out of school and do nothing with my life due to my phobia of people. Yet, what can people really do? We ought to not fear each other. I hate that I am afraid of fellow-man. I want to feel empowered and inspired by the achievements of others, yet the more and more everyone succeeds, the more I slump over and hide.

Hiya Sheryl,<br />
<br />
Nice to hear from you, it's so hard isnt it?<br />
We have to take one day at a time, I get over whelmed otherwise x

Hello, i am suffering from the same thing. I am afraid to check the mail box, afraid to walk in a store alone, afraid to go to college because of the fear of people. My life feels over