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So alone. I just wanna fit in at school. I cant stand the truth. When people call me quiet, lame, dumb etc.. It freaks me out. But its true. This disorder has taken over my life. I want someone to understand me...
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1 Response Feb 26, 2010

You are most likely an introvert. Most people are extroverts. I believe 75% of the population are extroverts. No wonder us introverts don't fit in. We are quiet. We are different. But different doesn't necessarily mean inferior. You may be reflective, introspective. You think before you speak. You probably value a few close friendships that are deep and meaningful. Am I correct? The truth is if you are an introvert, your brain is just wired differently than 75% of the population at school. You need time to think before answering a question. Words and thoughts just aren't on the tip of your tongue. Many introverts have social anxiety. <br />
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Perhaps taking a personality test such as the one at humanmetrics.com (follow link to Jung typeology test) will start the process of self discovery. You are at the time of your life when you start this process. Stop worrying what others think. Seriously, are they really worth the time? They are probably all conformists who don't think for themselves. Be different. Embrace your individuality. In 2 or 3 years you will be out of HS and on to college or other avenues. You won't remember most of those kids in 10 years. <br />
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I have suffered from social anxiety myself over the years. I found that discovering my personality type helped. Learning about introversion throught the book "The Introvert Advantage" helped me learn skills to deal with social situations. <br />
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I wish you luck. I believe though if you focus less on them and more on you and your interests and strengths you will survive HS just fine. Sometimes it's not what they think of you but what you think of you that leads to anxiety. Have positive thoughts about yourself. It's the best medicine. Also, act as if you aren't socially anxious. Just pretend you are cool, calm and relaxed in school. Before you know it you just may become that!