Social Phobia

ive always realized that it wasnt normal for me to be this shy and i just realized that their is actually a social phobia and i was reading the description and it fits everything im feeling. i feel like everything i do is going to make me look stupid or i am going to do something wrong and people are going to make fun of me. in school when i have to present projects i just get really nervous and stay home the day i have to do it or go to the nurse and try to go home because it just makes me sick thinking about being up their with everyone watching me. i even hate having to go to a register and pay for something and my mom always forces me to on perpose and i get really nervous and sick feeling. she really has no idea how this makes a person feel. i am talking and hanging with this guy i like but im so nervous around him i feel like im going to do everything wrong and then hes not going to like me. i just really dont know what to do because im really tired of having to deal with being like this. my mom says i have to get a job but she doesnt know that i really dont want to get one because then i have to have an interview with them and im not going to know what to say. soon i have to go to college and im really not wanting to go becasue then i know their is going to be alot of presentations that i will have to do and i makes me not even want to go to college. i am going to ask my mother to take me to my doctor and see if i have a social phobia because i am pretty sure i do and i really need help because it is bad already.
deswaq deswaq
18-21, F
Jul 14, 2010