Social Understanding

Having Social Phobia from a life experience can ruin one’s life even thou you don’t know it’s happening; all it takes is one issue to create an onset of problems. My girlfriend broke up with me in year 8, we had been together for almost 3 years and she just ended it for some other guy. The thing is, it never hit me, I never felt any sadness over this fact. That for me was the start of all my social problems, I started to eat a lot of junk food and over about 6 years gained 30kilograms, I also found a way to escape the reality form having to socialize and for me that was games. I’d spend 10 hours a day playing World of Warcraft and drinking a slab of soft drink within 4 days, causing a host of health problems in the process. Of course during all this I never thought it was a problem, I never thought that there was anything wrong with me, until it became apparent now at the age of 19. The main problem is the cognitive aspects of social phobia, I care a lot about what people think of me, I hate the fact that I’m overweight, I think I’m ugly, I can’t even talk to random people when they engage in conversation because I’m scared of what they might think of me. I don’t have a job so I can’t relate to all my friends when we go out for coffee, there is this feeling in my gut that when I tell them I’m unemployed they look down on me and lose all interest, it hurts and it’s embarrassing. I know it’s only a mild Social phobia but now that I realize if it’s not dealt with soon it just expands and gets worse to the point of psychopathic thoughts. From being unable to talk to people on a normal level to thinking about hurting yourself, even hurting other people and lying without increased repertory, without diluted pupils and without remorse, it’s disturbing. This is just my story on how things can escalate from basically nothing. If something doesn’t hit you on a emotion level, don’t block it out talk about it and get closure, doesn’t have to be with a professional, your closest friend/mother/father/brother/sister, it's a good start. Don’t make the same mistakes I did.
Just another story that hopefully contains some good advice, after all I did take my education for granted because of the unwillingness to socialize and for that I’m paying the price.
Don’t let it take over.
Thanks for listening,
RazzleDazz RazzleDazz
Dec 13, 2010