Social Panic Attacks

I want to know if any of you have had panic attacks in social situations because of your social phobias. I have had plenty and it is embarrassing. It would happen even if I was hanging out with old friends that I knew for years. I would start out fine in the beginning of the conversation but in the end I would grow quiet and at times I would even shake. I would obviously come off as if I was uncomfortable. I started to isolate myself becuase I couldent handle the way I was acting. The only people I feel like I am truly comfortable with now is my boyfriend. I feel like I lost a lot of friends and that im not even close with my family like I used to be. Im looking for some advise so I can get over this phobia that has been holding me back all these years.
marbear marbear
1 Response Aug 28, 2012

maybe this will help. I realised after reading your story i feel like that most times. But i thought thats just how i was and kept asking myself why im like this. But maybe im just socially awkward, i think it mainly has to do with me not having an confidence anymore.
Thanks for sharing your story :)