I Can't Talk To Women

I deffinatly do, I have never been able to feel.comfortable in large groups of people. I have only been to a nightclub once in my life. When I in a large group of people I cant say a word, usually I just smile and laugh.

Once I sat with a group of people for about 2 hours and did not say a word. They even said 'I dont know what his girlfriend sees in him, not his personality thats for sure'.

That is not true I have a very good sense of humor and have always been very good at stand up comady but calusly chatting to women or girls I cannot do and never have and still can't even at 32.
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1 Response Oct 14, 2012

Where are all us dudes at, the ones that can't talk to women. Were just regular guys on the outside. To other people they may think we are ladies men, but were totally not. Im putty on the inside with women as well. I drive people around as a job, and when i get a pretty girl in the front seat i choke up. Flem builds in my throat and i get cotton mouth to the point where if i did talk it would come out all nervious sounding and morphed. The only solution for me is to just start talking to girls and **** up, time after time until i get comfortable.