Trapped Inside

i cant look anyone in the eyes. when i am with my husband for example grocery shopping, we get to checkout and i say give me the keys so i can wait in the van just because i dont want to risk the cashier looking at me or possibly talking to me. i cant do anything that comes with the risk of interacting with people i dont know very well or at all. theres a lot that comes with this for me but these are a few major issues. i am getting to the point i dont even answer a phone call from my mom or sister or grandma. the worst part is, i am a gemini so my nature is to be a social butterfly. i so so soooo want to have tons of friends, be loquacious and super outgoing but something inside wont allow it. can anyone relate????
QuantumPolkaDots QuantumPolkaDots
22-25, F
1 Response Jan 3, 2013

u need to go through assertiveness and group therapy
simplest thing to start with, is look at urself in the mirror.. do that for as long as u can, for mutliple sessions throuugh out the day
then u can start talkin with ppl like ur kid, ur bf, husband, parents,,
talk to ur doctors about SSRi's