Living In Misery :( Need Help

Hi, I'm 22 years old. Ive recently discovered that I too have social Phobia. I was always Shy as a kid but I didn't think it was more than shyness. Until I've actually got older an had to do things on my own.( going places alone. When I got my 1st car I would always feel weird driving especially if someone was in the car with me, I felt like they were staring at me and judging me. I still thought I was just scared to drive. Then things started to get worst when I would have to walk in a public place or even walk into my job. It's so painful because I'm afraid to talk to anyone about it without them thinking in a total freak. I'm a very smart girl but if someone try to talk to me I lose all of my words/ stutter & sweat really bad. The sweats just started this year & I'm sure it's very noticeable to others now. Even if I'm talking to one of my friends it happens. I've lost my social life completely because I can't face going to a party or the movies or anywhere else. All of my friends think that I don't want to be bothered with them when I reject their invite. I really want my life back and go on as a normal 22 year old. && College isn't even on my to do list because I'm so afraid to go. Afraid to go and sign up because all of the people who will be there. This is really hurting me & I'm sure I can't afford professional help. If you have any techniques that worked for you, Please share them. Thanks
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When I was in my early twenties I could not face crowds and or make class presentation I took one speech class all my life and within a month I was speaking to a rally of 25000 in Washington DC so you will experience the same trust me it is just magical

I'll look up speech classes tomorrow. That's a really good idea

The beat way to counter social phobia is to crush it. Do two things take a mild anti depressant with the advise of a psychiatrist and also take a speech class. I assure you it will work and you will come out very confident

You seem to know the answer to everything lol. Haven't taken any steps yet just extremely scared!

I know how you feel. I am in college but i still didn't really go out. One of the things I've found its that you have to gain self confidence first and act like you've got it. I mean act! This world is made for extroverts and we have to navigate it on our terms as introverts. Do not be afraid to go to school. Work with a counselor to make things easier. Don't give up! There are people just like you. Like me. :)