Crippling Social Phobia...

I was always an outgoing child, and it wasn't until my early teen years that I started to develop an intense shyness. It's not that I hate talking to new people or going places - it's that I always feel like I'm doing something wrong. I hate driving. I hate feeling like everyone is staring at me and judging me, even though I know they probably aren't. I hate that I have no friends and no one to do anything with, and that I am too afraid and anxious to go out on a limb and meet people. I hate that I am too afraid to seek the help that I know I desperately need. I hate that I feel like I am missing out on life.

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I can totally relate to that. I don't know if I have social phobia, but I do have crippling shyness and an extreme fear of rejection. It gives me trouble being open to others ,even on the internet.

I know how you feel when you say you think everyone is staring at you! I feel the same way! I go out, I feel all eyes are on me! So I have to look at that person and it turns out they weren't even watching me at all! But yeah it feels very uncomfortable! I also think they are reading my mind and it makes me so nervous I start to sweat from my palms! I used to blush a lot but not anymore knowing that I can control it. I guess I had a panick attack.... But yeah I also have social phobia....

I wish I had the answer since I know the feeling. Maybe ask a friend to go with you to seek help?

i had a crap time at school,13-16 years old,i'm put off people because of the abuse i had,if only i was thicker skinned or less shy,now i'm 34 and wasted 10 years,don't waste the best years of your life like i did,EP didn't exist 15 years ago,hope it helps you in a way that i never had all those years ago:(<br />
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good luck!

I was the most outgoing loudest kid with many friends and then suddenly like a light switch at age 12<br />
I turned in socialphobic wreck.... depressed every since.

Im curious, do you think something triggered it growing up or do you think its in your genes ?<br />
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I ask because i sometimes wonder if id be more normal if i hadnt had such a traumatic childhood, but then i remember how i always used to be the kid in the corner while everyone played, and that was years before my problems started.

I think its genetics and a malfunction of the brain . I had a great childhood and I have pretty bad social anxiety. it started when I was 11 just like so many others is seems to start in the early teens. but any problems you have may very well be from a bad childhood. or both. more research needs to be done about this condition. its miserable

ya I often feel like im missing out on life too. it really is not freakin fair!

My advice from social phobe to other social phobe is seek that professional help. I am scared of everything myself yet people that are willing to help will really listen to you and won't look at you like a freak, as they have dealt with many people with the same problem, some with a more severe case. Social anxiety can really be treated effectively with a combination of medication (the right one of course) and therapy (perhaps cognitive behavioral therapy, where they retrain your mind so you may be able to function in society). I only write this because I have pursued such things and even though I didn't get the right medication which I stopped, I did learn certain techniques to get through the day and certain aspects of life that can be changed to recover altogether. I sincerely hope this helps, my friend.

I know it's hard...

yeah it can be tough to just deal with everyday situations, or meeting new people. I have social anxiety myself. I have been able to make some improvemants in my life but not much. its just something you need to work at even if it means going to get professional help (note to self go back and take own advice :) ) well if you want someont to talk to let me know