I just can't stand being in a public place with lots of people. I just feel like i'm being judged, watched, or compared to.
I just hate meeting new people and I just can't stand being the center of attraction, so when ever I go out, I always where my headphone and almost blast the volume right up- it helps me cope and keeps my mind a little occupied.
I have problems using any public bathrooms and I can't even pick up the telephone if someone is calling, not unless I'm certain who the caller is.
Eating and drinking in public is a big no-no for me. It just feels like i'm being watched with every bite I take and with every drink I sip whilst being judged .

Those who know what Social phobia is would understand what i'm talking about, or relate to it.... Social Phobia isn't fun. And because of it, I get in to trouble a lot because I'm too scared to go out on my own or talk to someone I don't know. Heck, I can't even buy food alone because I'm scared of having to talk to someone.
If I'm forced to do something that relates of being a social phobic person, I'd have no choice but to do it, but I get yelled a lot before I can actually do the task.

Social Phobia just interferes with my normal routine and causes tremendous distress most of the times.
NicoBunny6 NicoBunny6
18-21, F
Aug 20, 2014