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hi everyone.I'm Nilufer from Turkey.I have social phobia and I realized it last year.Since then I'm looking for a solution.But it's getting worse and worse.I decided to get some help from a doctor.I 'm a university student.I have friends and a boyfriend.My grades is good.But something is missing.I can't be relaxed when I 'm in crowded places.When talking in class my voice is shaking and my face gets blushes.I also play guitar little.when I was young I did't like that.I was interested in music theatre and singing.But now when my friend says" c'mon sing a song to us and play guitar" I say NO.I 'am so nervous and scared of people thougts about me.I think that the problem.I have no confidence.Alson I think ı'm not beautiful.Now I am unhappy sooo unhappy:(

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One last comment: you may or may not be beautiful..The beauty is inside, and yes Turks love to judge people from their appereance and make fun of everybody else who aren't similar to them.

it doesn't seem to be a vvery seriious one though I^m not a psychologist. However, I feel similar in some ways: I hate crowds and i believe that it isn't a disorder. However, having a low self esteem..Actually you have found where the problem is: "I 'am so nervous and scared of people thougts about me" This is what I used to be in the past. and try to overcome it..I don't have any methods to offer but just don't give a damn about what others thing..

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*this message is the same i sent to a girl with the same issue*

*sending it to you too cuz maybe it will help*

I used to have social anxiety too, and i think it hit me when i hit highschool, before high school i had sooooo many freinds and would get along with everyone, but when high school hit pretty much all my freinds went to other schools and i was just left with my best freind and she was never their, and their was a group of girls that made school horrible for me and my freind because I was dateing her ex so i just stoped going because i felt all alone, so a bunch of things happend after this my boyfreind ended up dateing one of those girls and ruined my life tormenting me, and after all this i kind ove hid for like thre years from everyone and i think that whole experience lead me to completely isolate myself off from the world. I think this whole thing triggered my anxiety about people, but anyway it got to the point where first i couldent be in crowds without haveing to like run away and be by myself, then i couldent be in small groups with even close freinds , then i couldent be around even my family without get anxiety and feeling extremely akward, and then it got to the point where i could only be around my boyfreind, i wouldent awnser my phone i couldent even go to the store without feeling really anxious.... and due to feeling so lonely and board i would go out but only if i self medicated myself with alcahol before i left, i would have to be hammered before i could leave the house to go out, and then finally i decided enough of liveing like this i had to make a change i couldent live like this forever... so i forced myself to go see the docter, it was so hard by this time to be around anyone i felt so nervous around the docter and the nurses, but i told him everything i told him how i felt and that i really needed something to help me get out of this, and that day changed my life!!!!! no kidding, im not trying to premote drugs and say hears the quick fix but at that point i had no other choice, so he prescribed me Effexor XR i worked my way up to takeing 250mgs a day, this drug is made to help cure.... yes CURE social anxiety... and it deals with deppression.... it took about 2 months to fulling kick in and now im liveing my life but i am able to be around groups crowds one on one and just live a normal fulfilling life... finally! I have two freinds who also had social anxiety and my mother had it, my mom is the one who told me to ask the docter about this specific drug, she had it and now she is perfectly fine... my freinds had it and they thanked me so much for telling them about this their life was too becomeing more and more isolated... i know how this sounds but honestly this medication changed ! My! Life! so i really would tell you to give it a try if your docter says it would be a good idea... i hope this helps :) .... you deserve better for yourself,

P.S when i said cure i said that because this medication you only need to take for 2-4 yrs before it this fixes something in your brain i dont know exactly what it does to it but it makes it so you can deal on your own... with no more medication.... but just look it up on google or yahoo... :)

I hate that feeling, when they make me play guitar in front of people, i just feel like i want to curl up into to ball and not be seen. but now i just trying to be less afraid and i think the reason why we get afraid to do things like that is because we are afraid to be judged. i few times when i've played guitar in front of people i have been given negative and nasty comments from them, but i worked out why someone would do that, its because they lack the skill t play guitar and they need to pass on their negative energy to someone else just to feel better. so what i;m saying is that dont be afraid to play the guitar and if people are being nasty about it, well just tell them that they are jealous of your guitar playing skills.