Pawn Shop Stories

First off to the people that wrote these stories im sorry for your experiences. It does sound as if some of the people who wrote them though put alot of the blame of their own situation onto the buisiness. Because in fact that is what they are, A BUISINESS. For instance the people who know that their payments go up on their items and there is a default date but wait and wait and then it goes out on the floor and sales and they get upset with the shop for it? I have lost items bc of none payment too, it sucks ya but It was of my own fault. Would any other buisiness hold onto someones word PAST the time that they were allowed? Not unless they knew they were getting more money for it like student,car, or home loans sure. Your colaterial? not really. If you think about it what would these places do if people just kept saying ya, I will pay- someday. Then someday comes, I don't need that anymore, I got a new one. Place goes out of business, no more place to get a loan or sell use goods. Hmm? Could we do with out them , they get blamed for the situation, why not- its hard to blame yourself for things. Lifes hard! They arent forcing you to sell your stuff to them and they can be reasonable. I frequent one alot , know alot about them and although have heard some bad things of others , I know that at least one that calls people as a reminder to let them know their item is up. They dont have to but do, and they wouldnt have sold someone an item back to original owner at a huge mark-up but thats other businesses perogative. I am writting this though bc you never see the other side of the counter. Those employees can be verbally attacked from people for not offering some people what they believe their item is worth. WORTH, meaning what one person values it. They cant give 90-100 % of the original value of the item. They have to buy it to make a profit, at a price that they can resell-keeping lights on, paying employees, buying other items. ITS A BUSINESS. People get upset bc 1. they are there usually bc they need cash now and a bank wont give out small loans 2. they have an amount they need baised on personal emotional ownership of their item 3. people may think that the profit that the shop makes is all profit. No, every business has expenses. We don't get mad at the grocery store when we buy hamburger for $5. Would we get upset if we knew they made it for $2-2.50? We just have to be realistic here and think about both sides of the coin. We go to these places for help or just extra cash, and their are a few of them out there so shop your items around. Plus eBay and craigslist, garage sales, donating plasma, ect- lots of ways to get extra cash or higher amount. But yes a pawn shop can do a loan on your items and gives cash. If you go in one though just be polite, try friendly negotiation, and if you dont like the offer just say no thanks. We have to take more responibility for our money, actions, and blame. Thanks for reading.
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