Somatization In One Side Of Face

I 26 Male,constantly feel focus on one side of face,(left side cheek,below cheek bone) .I get repeated urges to rub it.I know that this is a manifestation of Facial Symmetry Bdd which i have shared in my other post.Anybody with this kind of problem?
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1 Response Nov 28, 2012

I too feel a preference to finding things with the left side of my face. In my most recent episode I looked at my left cheek because it felt weird. I noticed a slight red mark, as if I had a slight tan, and since I haven't had any sun I had to go onto the web to see what it could be.
Guess you know where this is going... LOL. Not soon after I was convinced I had all sorts of terrible things, and started feeling symptoms of all those illnesses. Long story short, after work I've been laying on the couch every day in critical condition, unable to do anything else because of the possibility that I'm very ill, and all of it is on my left side.