What's Childhood?

I never had a childhood. Or least one I can remember. Bits and peices fall into place every now and again. Like right when your about to go to sleep after a hard day and you could really use the sleep. A smell comes across your noise or maybe an image of some you can't quight recognize. Then it will start to flow like a foist with a broken handle.
You try to go to sleep but the feelings come back, you start crying. After that it is futile to resist it. You find yourself lost in it like a nightmare were you can't wake up. Yor only salvation is when the sun shines on you just right. And you relize another night has been lost thanks to those forgotten days. You get up out of bed and get ready for another long and hard day.
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3 Responses Jul 22, 2010

I know this experience all to well. I too suffer from the same things. Sometimes the depression that goes with it last for days at a time and I can barely function. I am still waiting for the sun to shine.

Not everyone would like to go back. I wish mine would have stayed in the past. Locked away where ever it was locked up at.

This particular post really touches me. Its almost as if you said everything I didn't really know how to, My childhood is made up of fragments of memories too, If only we could somehow go back..