I had bad childhood memories. I was emotionally and verbally abused by my grandfather and mother. My sisters were also physically abused by my own brother. And sometimes my mom would even tell my brother to hit my sister because she wouldn't obey. I don't know why my mother was like that. She was suppose to protect us. I grew up full of hatred towards my grandfather and my own brother. Until now--even after 25 years I can still remember the abuses me and my sister suffered. Sometimes I ask why God allow these things to happen to us. I hate those bad words spoken to us, I hate all the curses. I hate my childhood days. I wouldn't wish my upbringing on anyone. When in my teenage years I contemplated suicide. I pitied my sisters. I grew up in fear and I would not want them to grow up in fear also. I was full of anger because the abuses wouldn't stop. Some people are just full of ****. Why do they have to destroy the childhood of a person. Why do they have to take away the happiness in the eyes of a child.
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1 Response Aug 9, 2010

My parents were never there for me emotionally, I usually felt rejected by them. When I was scared or attempted to tell them my fears or complaints they never wanted to hear me or listen to me. My mother would state "Oh Somebody Looks Crooked At You and You Fall Apart"! and leave the room or cover her ears. My dad would just ignore me and not listen at all. They even allowed an aunt to bully and push me around; and she was downright mean to me, even physically hurting me such as pinching me and pulling my hair!! Parents are supposed to protect their kids and be there for them!!! I don't know what makes people do the things they do or why they act like that, but harming a child both emotionally and physically is WRONG and inexcusable and it does leave some very unpleasant memories and life-long scars even when you try to bury it deep down it your memory. You never forget this kind of crap but need to try to heal from it.