Locked In My Bedroom...

One of my most vivid and unpleasant memories fom childhood happend when I was ten years old. I was late October/ early November 1977. My mom was visiting my dad who was hospitilized due to and accident. She was gone most of  the day and my aunt was baby sitting me and my brother and sister. We stoped at the grocery store to buy ingredients to make enchiladas which we never made before. At the store, me and my brother, who is  a year younger than me began teasing each other and this lead to us arguing with each other. When we got into the car, ( I was sitting in the front passenger seat and my brother and sister in the back. We were stll argueing and he pulled my hair and I called him a "fat hog, " and pushed his hand away. My aunt grabbed me by my wrists ( I was an exceptionly small child, very small for my age!) and squeezed them very hard and started shaking me saying "Don't you ever talk like that to anybody ever again" she did not correct my brother, only told him to stop. As she was shaking me I spit in her face because she was hurting me, but this only made her more angry, so she pushed my hard into the car door. I then just sat there not knowing what to do. When we got home, she started yelling at me to go to my room. When I  went to my room she would not let my out. She would not allow me  to help make the enchiladas or eat dinner, I sat in   my   bedroom for 6-7 hours, I was allowed out only to use the  bathroom. I tried to sneak out on my own but she screamed at my to go back in the room in a very hostile tone of voice. It seemd like an eternity, it was torture being in a room by myself for that long. She would check on me once in a while and If I were playing with a toy she threated to take it away, so I mostly just sat on my bed not knowing what would happen. When my mom came home, my aunt told her what happend, my mom started yelling  calling me a Goddamd Stupid Liittle Brat and made  me appolgize to my aunt . I remember crawling out of my room like a submissive dog  because I was so humiliated and felt really bad about myself because my mom would refuse to listen to my side of the incident.This is not the only time this aunt ( who is not even related by blood) maltreated me when I was a kid. She would always single me out when something went wrong, and would get very nasty with me, such as using a hostile and mean tone of voice, pulling my hair, pinching me, and grabbing my by my shoulders and digging her thumb into them to cause pain and shaking me( There were several times she left bruises and markes on my arms). Sometimes she would shove or even slam me into a wall and put her face right up to mine and scold me with a very mean look on her face. M y parents allowed her to do these things right in front of them and would often say  "If you were not acting like such a Goddamed Brat, you would be treated like one"!!! I always felt I was "walking on eggshells" when she was around us, and never felt I would receive any fair treatment from my parents.This was not the only time she isolated me in my bedroom for 6-8 hours at a time, it happend at least three times and they were horrible experiences that I clearly remember but always tried to bury deep in my memories because no one wanted  me talking about these incidents!
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my god, you are certainly more tolorant then me, I would have broke stuff and tryed to get even. Of course now that im older I realize that would have made it worse, but wow.

You can forgive but you never forget!

I feel your pain, my mum was like your aunt, that sounds like my whole life with her<br />
until i ran away, ive never been back<br />
praying for you, forgive her it will help you.<br />

another very sad story..i am sorry you had to go through that...........i am sure that that woman is suffering more than you..for someone to behave like that they must be very unhappy themselves.....if it was not you i am sure it was someone else that she took her anger out on........i hope you can try to understand her bahaviour and somehow heal through that understanding........<br />
everyone of us can only give what we have........she had anger and cruel heart...........