"silence Makes The Victim"

you make yourself the victim
when your silenced by the shame
always carry your head held high
because your not to blame

nothing that has happened to you
can take away from who you are
any pain that you have felt
will only leave faded scar

now its time for courage
now its time for pride
Now its time to gather the strength
that we've always held inside

no more dark shadows lurking
no more being scared
now that the worst has occurred
there is nothing left to be feared

silence lets them walk free
silence gives them control
use words to reclaim your power
and heal your broken soul
firefly21 firefly21
22-25, F
3 Responses Sep 16, 2011

I'm glad you did. I enjoyed reading it. There is truth in your words. Thank you.

Thank you! I wrote it when I was in therepy for the abuse. This view point helped me find forgiveness and re-claim my life

That's beautiful! Did you write it?