Car Accident

I was about 5 years old, driving home from the cottage with my parents. They asked me where I wanted to go for the day, the zoo or Ontario Place. I had never been to Ontario Place so I picked there. driving up north where the highways all have huge rocks along either side (they blasted through the rock to make roads).......I was sitting in the middle of the backseat. I used to love that seat as I could wear the seat belt extremely loose. All of a sudden something happened and I started swinging side to side from one end of the car to the other. I remember being scared and thought that it felt like a roller coaster (even though I've never been on one before). I was screaming and crying and finally after banging around for a few minutes we stopped. 

I remember being outside of the car and looking though the trunk with my parents. They were upset, my dad was pissed off.....I remember crying that our popcorn maker was broken! I had no idea what had happened to me.....

Some stranger pulled over and my mom and I went in the car with him to find a hospital. I remember seeing one a little ways back (or at least thats what my parents told me it was when we passed the place) and i kept saying that but they didnt listen to me. I remember saying 'ok i'll just go to sleep then'.  My mom said we had to find a hospital first, and then i would say again that we passed one......this went on a few times till we found a side street and a house where people were sitting on the porch, we pulled up to them and they gave us directions.  I must have 'fell asleep' right after that because the next thing i remember is waking up in the hospital to doctors and nurses and my mom hoovering around me. They were putting freezing on my face and ear so they could give me stitches. It hurt so much I just remember crying and screaming. My mom told me later that they had to get extra nurses to hold me still because I wouldnt calm down....
Apparently the entire back windshield shattered on me. I had glass everywhere. I was lucky I didn't go blind in one eye, the glass was so close to it. The doctors stopped counting stitches at 52. They had to sew my ear back up and 1/2 of the side of my face. 

The next thing I remember was being at home in the laundry room and my mom telling me we have to cut my shirt off. I was so upset, it was my favorite shirt......smurfette with flowers in her hand lol
I had to get all new shirts that buttoned up in the front and They kept me home from school until I got my stitches out.
I remember my first day back at school and the french teacher thought I was a new girl :S

anyways, people don't really notice the scars unless they really look for them as they have faded over the years. I have a lot of scar tissue in my left ear but its mostly from the behind so you don't really notice it. I also like to wear my hair parted to the side so it falls over my left side, as I'm a little self conscious about it.....

It wasn't until almost 20 yrs later that I found out my dad liked to play a little game while driving.....where he would go down the highway and throw the car into park............or something like that. I found that one out from one of my bitchy aunts that likes to cause drama.....

I did get some insurance money from parents put it into a college savings account for me, so i guess that was something positive out of all of it.

sweetsie sweetsie
26-30, F
Nov 22, 2011