What Childhood....

Sometimes I wish that I could forget the memories I just now recalled. I try not to dwell, but how does one not dwell on a trauma that won't ease up? Post Traumatic Stress......yep I got it! It is so sad how one person can do so much harm to another person. Especially if the person being harmed is every bit of 6 years old. Sad. I will never understand how an adult can harm a child in such a way that the child represses those memories. Hell, let me just say I will never understand how anyone can hurt a child PERIOD! I don't by into the crap about the abuser was abused his or her self and that is why they abuse. Bulls*#t. I don't abuse my kids. That is a copout excuse for weakling that have no backbone to admit that they are monsters running loose in society. In the newspaper the other day there were two articles. One of the articles was about a man who beat his 2 year old daughter until she was one breath shy of her last living breath. The other article was about a man who had embezzled a sum of $50,000 from the company he worked for. Neither of the two criminals had a criminal history. These two offenses were their first offenses. Guess which one got the most time. Since when is money more important that a child's well being!?!? Gosh I love the society we live, eat, breathe, and sleep in.
I'd be willing to bet that that poor little girl will be scarred for the rest of her life. Sure she is only two, but a two year old is fully capable of remembering traumatic events. If it doesn't stick with her right now, she may be 24 walking in the mall when it hits her like a 2 ton heavy thing. No matter what her recall capacity is, she will always have her monster father and his actions toward her somewhere in her mind just waiting to surface. Who is going to support her when she needs it most. Her father won't and her mother is also in jail, apparently she loves crack way more than her beautiful little girl. That's what they say anyways. I just hope that there is someone out there, whether it be a foster parent or another relative, that will love her the way she deserves to be loved starting right now. I was lucky enough to have a family that I built on my own. My blood relatives are all assh&%$s. So I went out and built a small family of good people. Sometimes blood is tainted so it matters not if it's thicker than water.
chsdbyevil chsdbyevil
36-40, F
Feb 3, 2012