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6th Grade

Where I grew up, 6th graders from what are two neighborhood rival schools come go to one separate 6th grade school before going off to the separate neighborhood middle schools for grades 7&8 and then high school 9-12.

I was going on one side of the neighborhood and most of my classmates were on the other.

Most of my classmates that year for different reasons didn't like me too much. I couldn't get along with too many of them. About a year ago, I saw where one got married and while I like to scan articles involving friends of mine, I couldn't bring myself to do this one as she was one of the worst. At the lunch table one time, this girl was laughed at because she was going to the same school I was b/c she was going to have to put up with me. Another felt glad he didn't have to put up with me.

The classmate that got laughed at I never actually crossed paths when I went on to 7th grade. I got to 7th grade and while I did have some classmates that were on the ugly side towards me, I underwent a transformation that made me the kid everyone knew it seemed like. I wound up sitting through 7 HS graduations because of it.
gmckdude711 gmckdude711 22-25, M Mar 27, 2012

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