Important When You Are Three

OK you need to remember I was three at the time. Nan died thats my mums mum the year I turned four the date that's easy 15 February 1979 you see I will never forget it. For the week before and a few days after that date I was sent to stay with my other grandparents only that's not what was supposed to happen Grandma was supposed to stay with me at ours but grandad became ill so she decided to pack me into mums car and take me to there home only she forgot a three year old needs things she knows and loves like a teddy bear to hug at night well for the next 10 days I did not have them. Yes next to some stories on here it sounds nothing but for me thinking about me aged 3 I still cry big tears. Mum and dad collected me after the funeral and dealing with the ashes. But for years I would make such a fuss if I had to stay with my grandparents and it was about 20 years before I felt I could stay at a friends house without worry. That's my worst but there are one or two other stories.
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Mar 27, 2012