I Hate My Childhood

  1. I always missed out on everything
  2. I had no friends, I was harassed sometimes
  3. I hated Central Elementary School (The same school for 5 years)
  4. I was always left out on almost everything
  5. I was really overprotected for years
  6. I didn’t want to be friends with people who have autism and abnormalities
  7. In my Kindergarten years, I repeated Kindergarten because of my autism
  8. I started talking when I was 4 years old
  9. I was the late-bloomer
  10. I fail at everything
  11. I never had any fun at my elementary school X(
  12. I felt like I was invisible
  13. There were mean people at Central
  14. I was always treated like a baby
  15. I felt like I was a loner
  16. I missed out on a social life
  17. I was with geeks, nerds and freaks in all my child life
  18. In my elementary years, I got out early because of I had to go to a special Dr. in Sheppard
  19. It felt like I was never in a spotlight in my child life
  20. I was really lonely
  21. I had some mean bus drivers while I took a bus to Central
  22. I went to some special VNA program
  23. I went to a stupid Sheppard some days
  24. I was always late to do everything
  25. I had 1 mean special professional
  26. I had to deal with mean teachers in my elementary school
  27. In schools, I was always snitched on by my teachers
  28. I went to some stupid special school program in the Summer
  29. I had to take some stupid bus to my elementary school for grades 3-5
  30. It was too dull because of my autism
  31. I always felt special because of my autism
  32. I never fit in like everyone else
  33. I felt like I was stationary
  34. I tried to fit in like everyone else, it all fails
  35. I had special professionals to take me places and to find something for to do because of my autism
  36. I had to deal with a mean gym teacher in Central
  37. I was always unfortunate(Not winning things, being unlucky and never receiving awards)
  38. I was different unlike everyone else
  39. I felt like an outsider
  40. I had a worst elementary school experience
  41. I sometimes went to doctors because of my condition
  42. That broke my heart sometimes because I never experienced any luck and I was always unsuccessful
  43. I was always shy and coy
  44. I had to deal with mean substitute teachers from Central (Especially the 1 blonde hair guy)
  45. In my Kindergarten years, I was in a special class
  46. I never made friends in school in my child years
  47. I was so envious that my sisters were really fortunate (Like freedom, winning things in elementary school, succeeding, and receiving winning awards)
  48. I was very jealous because my sisters had a fortunate elementary school experience
  49. In my birthday party, the students and my teachers from a special class were invited
  50. I never had any freedom
  51. Autism has ruined it
  52. I felt like Rapunzel being held a prisoner in a tower
  53. In Summer, I was in some kind of summer school program with the same people from a special class
  54. Right now, I’m so used to not have any freedom

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1 Response May 9, 2012

I too have the same problems like you I am a loner, quite unfortunate(unlucky) , never received any awards , treated like I was invisible , had no friends , my cousins were living a way better life than me coz they are quite rich and my dad is retired so he cannot afford to give whatever I want. In short I am a born loser