Bullied And Abused

I was everyone's punching bag in middle and into high school. My old stepfather would also make me feel bad in home.
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I have been thru similar phase...ppl say hurtful thngs witout evn realising tht they may shook of ur confidence n brk ur urge to live ur life!!!!
dats d time wen u thnk...is this wad school teaches u?

I'm so sorry for what you've been through .. <br />
But I think that EP can be your therapist .. Just try to speak out your heart here .. It will make you feel better

That is indeed what I try to do.

well .. good luck .. n i wish you can get over your past &lt;3

Have you spoken to somebody about it like a threapist. Once you speak about it and the more you do the easier it becomes and they can really help u with dealing with it. I wish you all the best.