Wasted Childhood

Believe it or not but this is a true story. When I was in KG one voice came in mind and asked me to rub pen*** on bench. when I went to 1st standard, suddenly on one day I got that voice remembered and I tried rubbing pen*** up & down as said by that voice. For the 1st time I did that and it was pleasant but till 8th standard I was unable to understand what I was doing.
All the above is true story otherwise how this is possible that, in the age when one does not know even how and when to use toilet, I was doing that. I gradually made progress in that habit, I found in 4th standard that same feel is possible on a bed, I started that also. Even at that time also I was unable to know seriousness and actual meaning of my deeds.
When I was in 8th standard, after watching d*** I got to know what the hell I was doing since childhood. I kept this secret through entire childhood this caused reduction in marks and overall studies... I was so upset on that day.
But after that many other friends also started talking about all this so I was slightly feeling better that I am not alone or different.
But that voice spoiled my entire childhood.
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 14, 2013