Child Abuse

when i was 11 i remember my mum and her boyfriend went out for the night. me and my 2 and a half year old sister were with a babysitter... later my mums boyfriend picked us up and it turned out he and my my mum had had a fall out, she was not home....he wanted me to go with him to look for her, it was late and my baby sister want to go to, he took her into our bedroom and i heard slaps and her crying really hard he then came to me and said come on, we left her at home alnoe whilr we looked for my mum. when we got home her face was so swollen and she couls not open her eyes { she was only 2 and a half} she was crying for me and i couldnt help her  cos he stepped in and cuddled her...the next morning he sent me out to look for my mum again{who thought we were still with the babysitter} and when my little sisiter cried and wanted to go with me he hit her on her face again sending her flying ovre a chair my heart broke so much.....when my mum came home she got the police and we havet seen him since {27 yrs ago} but these memories still effect me badly does anyone know wat i can do to stop this guilt feelin that i couldnt help her.....please ...diana

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Diane what a terrible experience, but you were just a child yourself dont feel guilty go and have some councelling but leave that guilt behind its was your mothers boyfriend who should be carrying the guilt for what he did but then these people will never be happy.<br />
Enjoy your Life Sweetheart xxx

You can go for therapy, it will really help you. There are some very skilled people who can help you work through your feelings and bring you peace of mind. Good luck+

i am so sorry for what happened to u as a child :(<br />
im glad your mom got the police though, how is your sister??