My Core...........

  • Love is everything.
  • Family comes first.
  • Friends tie with family.
  • You never turn away.
  • Violence solves NOTHING.
  • Emotions are what make us HUMAN.
  • Women are SuperHuman.
  • My Goddess is ALL-LOVING.
  • Mother Earth needs us.
  • Goddess is in everything.
  • All living things have souls & feel pain/love.
  • Treat every living thing with respect.
  • Karma is a *****.
  • Animals & Children are true innocents.
  • There are some acts that are UNFORGIVABLE, being gay ISN'T one of them!
  • There is no "RIGHT" religion. There is no "ONE" way to meet our maker.
  • Soulmates exist, it doesn't mean you'll meet them though.
  • No one should settle for less than they deserve.
  • Money doesn't buy happiness.......But it does make misery a little easier to deal with. =]

The wisdom of WynHaven. *cheeky smile* ;-]

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1 Response Mar 24, 2009

Good Stuff! Thanks for sharing!