Tired Of Living On The Egg Shell

I raised 4 children on my own.  Even though I was a singe mother, my kids never missed anything any other kids can get involved in. My oldest son was in the community marching band, track and filed team, football team, etc... ever since he was 6 years old. I even volunteered for the track team and football team just so that he can see I support him.My other children also was involved in sports, dance, etc... where I spent significant amount of time an money for them. I worked 2 jobs to pay for their college tuition whenever they were attending. My oldest son -24 has been mean and disrespectful for a long time. When my oldest son was in 9th grade, he and his friend broke into someone's home and were arrested. My son was sent to the group home for 9 months. I never told my other kids where he was, and visited him every 2weeks even though the facilty was 2 hours away. took him shopping, dinner, etc... so that he can understand that despite of the crime he committed, I still supported him and loved him. When he was 10th grade, he ran away from home with other friend of his, got on the greyhound bus to go to NYC. They were caught and I had to borrow gas money from a friend to drive 4 hours one way to go pick him up from the state police office. When he went off to college, i sent him money, visited him every so often and took him shopping, dinner etc.... the summer he returned from the first year of college, I had a job for him to work with me in summer camp at the local public school. He refused to do so. he ended up sticking a person up with a b-b-gun, which caused him to be sent to state prisin for 3 years. During this time again, I wrote to him, sent him money, food, visited him, etc....
He has been home for about 2 years now, and he is on parol. He does work, and is in college. However, he does nothing around the house, keeps ALL of the dirty dishes in his room, takes my belongngs out of my room, leaves nasty hackers in the sink, hide woman in my house, swears at me, makes sarcastic comments at me, make disrespectful comments at me and everything. We often have no spoon, no folks, etc... because they are in his room dirty or has been thrown away. If I buy food, he takes whole container to his room, and I would never see it again. If he cooks, he never clean up after himself. And because I am a vegetalian and does not buy meat, if he gets angry enough about not having what he wants to eat in the house, he would throw away my vegetables so that I too, have nothing to eat. He is 24 years old. I feel oppressed to live in my own house, and my daughters cannot take it either. They want to move out because of him. I feel mentally abused. He then tells me that I F***ed up his life. I want to sell my house and move just so I dont have to live with him. I want to ran away with my dog. I raised them all by myself for all these eyars and now  am being abused by my own child.
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2 Responses May 13, 2012

Get him out of the house immediately, as quickly as legally possible. Serve him with some sort of an eviction notice. You must protect yourself and your other children from him. You've done all you can for him and he's disappointed you, has no respect and is abusive. Get stronger......get him out ASAP and if he threatens you, call the police and get a restraining order. You and your other children deserve to live peacefully.

I am in a similar situation, so I understand how you feel. You have raised your son and have gone above and beyond for him. It's time to show some tough love and give him a 30 day notice. You deserve respect and peace in your home. It's going to be hard and probably with alot of prayer, but you can do it and you owe it to yourself and your daughters.