No Idea How To React To My Oldest Boys Anymore.

I have 5 children whom I love all very much. My 2 oldest boys are so mean, and disrespectful to me. I have tried to be a good mom to them, my oldest is 23 and has 2 sons, one of which died when he was 9 days old, and the second who is now 2. I am always told to leave them alone, they are grown *** men. However, they tell me this when trying to give them advise that is very much needed. They call me when they want money, I have taken care of both of them financially for about a year. I try to do what I can.. However, when I told my 23 year old tonight that I cant send him money, he budget his money better, cuz he makes just as much as I do, and now it ia time he takes care of hself, and be responsible for paying his childsupport on his own. Well I was told that he wished me Dead, and to burn in hell.. all because I couldnt send him 20 for cigarettes. I am in so much pain. I am so tired of making sacrafice to my older boys, allowing my younger ones to go without stuff to make sure the older ones are taken care of. Then I am called names, treated like garbage, and made to feel like I did something wrong. I give up...
lostconfusedmom lostconfusedmom
Sep 18, 2012