My Friend Chris

I have a friend named Chris. I was once engaged to his brother and that is how I met him. Anyway, Chris is a good friend other than the fact he is 36 years old still lives with and off of his mom and is a pathological liar. He refuses to keep a job. He recently worked at a gas station a block from his house. He of course doesnt have a vehicle nor a license. So this was an ideal job for him. He could walk and an 8 year old could do the requirements of a gas station clerk. Well lets just say that lasted 3 weeks max. He refuses to move out on his own because his mom needs him. She is not an old lady she had him at a very young age so she can take care of herself and she isnt alone because her brother also resides in her home. All of that doesnt even bother me much this is the clincher. He is a pathological liar he lies about the dumbest things. For example he was going to go study at the Vatican (he hasnt even been to college nor is a bit religious). Another one The head coach for the WV Mountaineer basketball team came to our little town to see Chris play street ball at a local park. No one comes to our town there is absolutely nothing here. Chris was already 30 years old when this supposedly happened. Thats just some examples. He told me he was honorably discharged from the military. When in fact he was a dishonorable discharge because he had been DUI one to many times on base. I think he seemed to forget I was engaged to his brother when he came home from the Army lol. It a daily basis with him and all the while I love him like family as well as he is my husbands best friend. I just dont know how to confront him about his lies without hurting his feelings. I have known him so long it has pretty much became second nature to just ignore it. Should I or should I confront him? His lies have never hurt anyone its just annoying.
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I think there is a difference between pathological liar and compulsive liar. I am not sure what that difference is tho. Your description reminds me so much of my old friend Darryl. Everyone, and I do mean everyone in the neighborhood knew he lied about everything, but he was such a nice guy everyone just let it go in one ear and out the other. I am not sure why these folks feel the need to lie, but it is some "condition" I guess cuz they don't seem to have any control over it. And with my friend, it was all dumb little stuff too. He also lied (like your friend) to make himself more interesting, but sometimes it was just the number of brothers he had, or where his last job was. He also suffered from low ambition although I haven't seen him in many years.

My friend is the same its always small things and everybody knows he does it too. I guess we just look past it but I just dont understand why he does it. Its not like we will like him any less if he told the truth. We would actually like him more lol. Oh well I guess we will just have to deal with it. We laugh about it now.