Etienne Moro

Tonight I'm going out with my friend Etienne. We have known each other since Ecole Maternelle. He was one of the boys on the perifery of Roger and my groupe, and everyone thought he would marry our friend Solange. The surprise was that Solange moved to New York City to be a model!

Etienne and I text each other all the time, virtually, keeping in touch, sending each other jokes we get sent from other friends, but mostly reassuring each other when we have the usual self-doubts. Etienne's family are what used to be called Pieds Noir. He was born here, but both of his parents were Colons from Algerie. They are White/European Algeriens. They are also very welcoming, and I will struggle to escape to sleep here at home if I meet him at his house. We're meeting in town at 22:30.

I am working on my outfit for the date. I love dresses, but its quite cool already and we are just going to a bar. So I have opted for cotton leggings, nudes (the colour) with a dark blue sweater. I'll probably like shortie boots. Etienne is a horseman, his family have become horsebreeders here, over the last twenty-five years. Whenever I wanted to go riding I was a volunteer at the Moro stud!
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Jun 8, 2012