A Few Songs Here.

"May today become the day, as I'm plunging to the grave. Led is flying all the signs are there. They all think that I am brave, the strongest link of our chain. But really I just want a bullet between..... my eyes!!!!.... Aim High!!!! Yeah!" *shredding awesome solo to end*

Sentenced - May Today Become the Day



"With her love she feeds..... all the fire in my heart. And in her eyes, oh the birth of stars."

Sentenced - Sun Won't Shine



"In my dreams... I can see you and tell you how I feel. In my dreams.... I can feel you and it feels so real. In my dreams.... I can see you, and tell you how I feel. In my dreams... I can hold you... but I wake so alone."

"Remember we made love in the moonlight, I felt you shake so deep inside... Seemed like everything was all right. We made a blaze so high it lit up the night..."

Norther - Omen

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22-25, F
Feb 24, 2010