House Plants 2

House plants on a window ledge draw chi into the room and give it more life and happiness. This is especially true if your view from the window is depressing.

A plant in the bedroom is very beneficial especially if it is just opposite the door. But in a corner or on the window ledge is also good. 

A flowering plant is good to take when visiting someone who is ill. Avoid one with all red flowers because it is too stimulating. It's better not to take ill people cut flowers because as the flowers die, they deplete the chi or good energy in the room where the patient is recovering. Growing plants give out good energy and will help the patient regain strength. Make sure the plant gets watered regularly.

Avoid plants with all red flowers- or too much red color in general- in the bedroom because it can cause arguments. Red and white flowers together or red and pink flowers stimulate passion.

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Another good post on Feng Shui.<br />
I wish I had you here to help balance my home.<br />
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I have orchids and a bonsai on the window sill in my family room ... they seem to help me to remain elevated in my mood