Clearing Away 'Sha' Or Negative Energy

These things cause 'sha' or bad energy in your home or work environment.

1. Broken things or things that don't work : broken appliances, furniture,watches, shoes, vases. If it can't be repaired, throw it away.

2. Dirty or dusty things. If it can't be cleaned, toss it. Give extra attention to cleaning on and around doors and windows where chi enters.

3. Old, unused things. If you aren't going to use it, store it or give it away 

4. Stacks of  old unread magazines or newspapers. Cut out the articles you want to save then throw them away.

5. Clutter or mess on a desk or table. Get an organizer. Put things away in drawers. Straighten things up.

6. Piles of /or unused clothes: Wash them, toss them or give them away to charity. If you haven't worn it in 2 years, unless you are saving something like a wedding dress, get rid of it.

7. Dead plants, bushes or trees. Get rid of them. This is very bad sha.

8. Blocked air or water ducts: Unblock them

All of these things left unattended cause sha. When you clear away sha, good chi will enter. Your body will have more energy, your mind will be peaceful but active and clear, your work will improve, your love life will brighten,your communication with family and friends will be more harmonious and your whole life situation will become better.

Remember that your outer surroundings are a reflection of your inner condition: your mind and spirit. So if you clear your mind and heart and also clean up your living and working environment, your life will be in harmony and good chi will enter.


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2 Responses Mar 9, 2009

Loved reading the feng shui tips! I studied a few units of feng shui when i studied interior design and decoration a few years ago, but had forgotten most things. I have found that putting a gold coin on the inside of the front door has made alot of money come into my life. It seems the amount i send out in bills comes back in the same amount as either a rebate or credit. Would love some more tips :)

Hmmmmm....sounds just like Spring cleaning to me