Feng Shui Your Bedroom 1

If your sleep is restless and you often awake in the morning still tired, try these remedies:

If you have square desk or other piece of furniture with one corner of it pointing towards the bed, move it at an angle.  Otherwise it cuts the flow of chi like a cleaver.

A computer or TV in the bedroom generates chi which is good. But before you go to sleep, cover it with a scarf or a piece of fabric.

Avoid having a ceiling mirror over the bed. You won't get any sleep and you will feel drained in the morning. Seriously. Mirrors can be energy leeches. If you want to get romantic under a ceiling mirror, go to a hotel room but come home for a good sleep.


For good relationships:

Avoid sleeping under a beam that divides you. It can cause arguments.

Red and purple are the colors of passion but avoid using them too much as they can cause arguments. Any warm colors are good. Avoid all white which is too clinical, all brown which is too serious or black which is too heavy.

Use a set pillowcases and a set of towels. They should be the same color or pattern as each other.

Use new sheets when sleeping with someone the first time to ensure a fresh start with no hangover of energy from previous relationships or any of your own negative feelings.

Pairs of vases or other ornaments are good. An old country custom is to start them out about a meter from each other then place them closer and closer each time your beloved visits until they are side by side. This is supposed draw you and your partner closer

Rounded furniture, objects  and round leaf plants are best to allow chi to flow around you and your partner.

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Thank you...D

Our bedroom has at least a hundred knives on my side of the room (west side) and my wife has one special knife that I gave her on her wall along with many angels. <br />
<br />
I also have five model WW1 bi-planes hanging from the ceiling. <br />
<br />
I suspect that knives might not be a good idea in most situations. Sharp and dangers as they are. <br />
<br />
However, I am spiritually bonded with knives. Knives have been central to my life since I was eight years old. Knives have saved my life several times. A ninja gave me a 400 year old family Wakizashi. I even have a Magick knife. <br />
<br />
I have tried to place my collection elsewhere but I love having my knives with me while I sleep.<br />
<br />
My wife loves me and understands my bond with knifes. She says she loves my knives because she understands how I am one with my knives.<br />
<br />
My question is…can a special spiritual oneness over ride a general rule that might state having knives in the west is not a good idea?

What if your cat decides the most comfortable place to sleep is on your face? I'm still spitting out the hair balls.

Also having a mirror in front of your bed or behind your bed can bring a third party interference in a negative way to your relationship.

Oh how interesting. I have a dresser corner pointing right at the bed...moving furniture time for me. Again !:) Thanks for sharing those tips xiaomei :)

Thanks Stevester and xiaomei :) That definitely sounds like a good idea and will be rough starting out because I usually have to have the tv on to go to sleep lol

Keeping tv on or listening to headphones whilst going to sleep is not a good idea. You will inadvertently stimulate areas of your brain and make sleep less effective. Now that you've accustomed yourself to the tv being on u will have some problems going to sleep without some ambient noise but cold turkey it for a while and it'll sort itself out

I usually sleep with the tv on out of habit and i've definitely had some restless nights but i don't know for sure if it's the tv since I have it on just about everytime i sleep.