Feng Shui Your Bedroom 2

The position of your bed not only affects how well you sleep but also your whole life. Which direction is your bed pointing in?

Heading point North: Remedies insomnia. Gives peace, tranquility and spirituality. Good for people in later years. May be too  peaceful for younger people and cause a lack of motivation.

Pointing North-East: Too sharp for good sleep. Can cause nightmares or make you wake up feeling nervous or irritable.

Pointing East: Best for young people. You'll wake up full of energy, ambitions and ideas. Encourages growth and development.

Pointing South-East: Similar to the East. Good for creativity and communication. Encourages a more active life.

Pointing South: Enhances passion in your life but the energy is too busy and hot for good sleep. It can cause arguments for couples sleeping together in this direction or make you argumentative and quick-tempered if you are sleeping alone.

Pointing South-West: It can promote peaceful relationships but it can make you too cautious and timid. 

Pointing West: It enhances good sleep and feelings of contentment. It can also improve income and romance but it might make you lazy or complacent so this direction is good for someone who is in later years or is already in a stable career.

Pointing North-West: It promotes deep sleep and is good for parents or older people because it is associated with leadership and control.

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3 Responses Mar 27, 2009

When you speak of a bed pointing....do you mean the head of the bed or the foot of the bed.<br />
<br />
Please forgive me if this is a silly question....I am new to this.

Yes. Again I am happy that you have helped me mute the problem/conflict I have. I know you are saying the truth...D

Our bed is pointed North and I sleep on the west side.<br />
Does it make a difference witch side I sleep on?...D