Shh... I'm Hunting Fetishes

Now, this is my list from my Fetlife account, and some of them are amusing...because well I liked them and they sound like me, but anyway... I wouldn't even consider all of them "fetishes" so much as things I like sexually and whatnot. I'm a chick and a Sub, so I think you can figure out the giving, receiving, wearing/watching others wear... Fetish away! But before you's a SERIOUSLY LONG LIST. I totally warned you.

"I'll kiss it and make it better. "
"...but why is the rum gone???
"a little fight in you. i like that."
"and then i ****** your daughter."
"apocolyptic *******"
"*****".."****".."****".."*****" = gf in fet
"but officer, it was funny! i'm laughing!"
"but-but...i'll give you kisses...and boobs!"
"******" used as a term of endearment
"get in the ******' van!!"
"i didn't do that! oh.. that? that i did do."
"i like you like muppets like *******"
"i solemnly swear i am up to no good"
"if i find you, i'm going to **** you"
"mew" is "**** me" in feline.
"oh? you're *****'s sore? too bad!"
"rawr" means 'i want to bang you' in dinosaur
"settle down, cthulhu."
"the look" that tells you in no uncertain terms that you have crossed the line and earned a spanking
"want some candy, little girl?"
"you're kinky as ****! i'm keeping you!"
"you... come here.." (said with a smile)
2 dorks, 1 bed,
a belly full of daddy's ***
a disciplinary sodomization for your own good
a good ole fashion down home xmas lynching
a guy with a **** longer than my fetish list
a hard slap in the face and then a hard kiss
a look that radiates pure lust
a man who knows how to take control
a man with a commanding presence
a man's hands
a never-ending supply of cupcakes
a plump pregnant ***** and a swollen belly
a t-shirt but no bra
a voice that calms, comforts and reassures
absolute & undeniable chemistry with someone
abuse me, beat me, then **** me on the floor
acheiving ******* without touching but by using power of the mind
acting all sweet & innocent when i'm not
addicted to everything daddy
adding "and ****" to the end of sentences
admiring my dental records on your flesh
aeon flux
affection seeking cuddle ****
after care
animal tail butt plugs
appealing to my brain, as well as my body.
are you a good witch or a bad witch?
are you stalking me cause that would be super
aroused by intellect
aspophilia (sexual attraction to geeks)
aural sex: seduction by voice
authors, poets, and other artists of questionable character
aww you're blushing, now ******* bend over
ballet boots/shoes
banging you like a screen door in a hurricane
bare bottom spanking
bdsm photos of women with meat on their bones
be vewy, vewy quiet...i'm hunting fetishes
behave? what is this word you speak of?
being a priority, not an option
being a requisite for top-shelf debauchery
being a total **** for someone worthy
being a viking - rape, pillage & plunder
being adorkable
being all ninja like and stealing fetishes
being bratty until you get ****** into submission
being cheeky and tormenting you with naughty pictures
being claimed as property
being completely disease free :)
being daddy's breeding ****
being daddy's little girl
being devoured by your eyes from across the room
being forced to *** and being punished for it
being ****** four or five times a day
being ****** hard first thing in the morning
being ****** with a hand on my throat and threats being whispered into my ear
being held and told i'm safe
being held by the collar as you're ******
being held down and ******
being held like i'm precious
being hugged by strong safe arms
being hugged from behind
being hugged tightly and picked up
being hunted and captured in the woods
being loved for who i am
being molested by daddy as i sleep
being more complex than an anonymous list of fetishes could show
causing people to have to actually converse with me, finding out if they like *me* and not just what gets me off.
being naughty so you will spank me
being norwegian: pillage, loot, rape and burn
being ordered to 'spread your legs'
being played with in a pitch black room
being played with in parking garages
being pushed up against a wall in a passionate kiss
being raped by daddy
being ravished by his gaze from across the room
being restrained so you can have your way with me
being scared of a good way
being shared with other women
being sore for days thereafter
being spanked just because i'm cute
being the alice to his hatter
being thoroughly used as daddy's dirty little fucktoy **** *****
being tied up and used by multiple girls
being told i suck **** like i invented it
being told i'm a tease
being told you feel so good
being tougher than you think
being treated like a beautiful princess but ****** like a dirty little *****
being turned on by his ink
being worth fighting for
believing in love ♥
belt spanking
bible study down at the ********
big breasts, hips, thighs and *****
blushing when you give me your attention
body modification
breathing you in
breeding continuously
build a bear workshop
cake and sodomy
cake icing on your ***** and ***
caressing her curves as if they are art
celtic druidism
chained to the bed and used as a **** toy
chaos, panic, disorder my work here is done
cherry blow pops
chubby rockabilly girls
classy women with slutty tendencies
combat boots
come hang out under my desk and entertain me while i check my email
corrupting christians
corrupting the innocent
craving both the romantic and animal in him
crawling with a belt in my mouth knowing i'm about to be beaten with it
crying does not mean you have to stop...
cuddle her to sleep, **** her awake
cuddling against his chest and falling asleep
******* so hard that talking is impossible
cuz they rapin errbody out here
daddy daughter roleplay
darling...please spread your legs
ddddid i ffffucking sssstutter? make dinner!
demanding he *** in my ****
diabolical is the new sexy
***** wielding air pirates
dita von teese,
doggy style rough and hard
domestic discipline
don't mistake my kindness for weakness
dressing up pretty to be ravaged savagely
drifting to sleep together while still in her
eargasms - music so good it gives you shiver
engage the mind, the body will follow
erotic literature
eyes that glitter like the sins of angels
face slapping
falling asleep with my head in his lap
falling in love while kicking *** during a zombie apocalypse,
finger ******* her in a public place.
flirting, teasing, and other mental ************,
floating in subspace
fluency in english, sarcasm, and profanity.,
forcefully kissing her up against the wall
french kissing
friends that are into the same sick **** i am,
**** you!, i mean yes sir,
******* in the kitchen while cooking,
******* so hard her legs give out, then more
geeking out with someone you love,
gentlemen who are also bad boys,
getting the shakes from ******* so hard,
getting wet from just the sound of his voice,
girls that bounce when they are happy,
girls who blush when their panties come down,
girls who dig comics and sci-fi,
girls who dig my soft curvy sexy body,
girls who sit on my lap and flirt with me,
girls with creamy, pale skin, girls with high iqs and low morals,
grabbing her ***** and saying "this is mine".
guess the safe word game,
harley quinn,
harsh, strict, exacting, unwavering commands and demands and orders
having arms grasp me from behind and grope me,
having him whisper in my ear all that he is going to do,
having my hair stroked and played with,
having my legs pried open because i'm shy,
having sex in the rain,
he's my very own, dr jekyll & mr hyde.,
he's so beautiful he makes your soul dizzy,
heavily tattooed girls and boys,
her moaning into our kiss as i finger her
him telling me that he owns me,
his **** stabbing me in the organs,
his scent, his hands, his lips, his voice,
i agree, i do look harmless. go with that.,
i am evil yes i am,
i don't bite...oh wait, yes i do,
i had something to say...but you have boobs,
i know we're in public. do it.,
i reject your reality and substitute my own,
i want you to hit me as hard as you can!,
i will beat the depression out of you
i ♥ it when you perv on me, i'm horny.
why are you not awake? bastard.,
i'm not gonna break damnit!!! harder!!!,
if i'm begging for more you're doing it wrong,
if you don't like zombies you're a ****,
if you don't risk it, you risk missing it,
impregnation & breeding fantasy
inappropriate uses of candy,
intelligent sarcasm and smart assery,
it's okay babygirl, daddy wants to see it,
it's okay, i'll hide under the desk...,
just shut up and **** me already,
kidnapping roleplay,
knowing when you've caught a man's attention,
large objects,
let's do the time warp again,
licking mr darcy dry after he jumps in the pond (pride and prejudice),
like?...i love a little pain with my pleasure,
lining up my punishment and torture toys in front of her while she's naked, bound, gagged and squirming helplessly (receiving),
long slow soft tongue teasing kisses that leave you breathless,
lovers who will fight for your honor,
loving when you get possesive over me
making her wet just by talking to her
making you do whatever the **** i feel like, when i want it, how i want it, and you will like it because i like it (receiving),
marched out of a restaurant, bent over the car, skirt up, panties down, spanked then taken back inside to finish eating dinner.
maroon berets,
marquis de sade,
men who are strong enough to handle me!,
men who know what to do with a woman,
men with gorgeous hands,
men with long hair and facial hair oh god ♥,
men with tattoos,
military uniforms
groaning and other sounds of pleasure and pain,
my legs on your shoulders while you **** me
nice boys who **** dirty,
obedience training
oral sex
pick-up trucks,
play rape
punk rock girls,
***** worship
riding crops
rough sex
scratches, bites and bruises: the aftermath of a damn good play session,
sensual domination,
sex during menstruation,
sex in the summer rain,
sexual objectification,
sexual slavery
sister/brother roleplay,
sitting on daddy's lap while he whispers dirty things in my ear
sliding your panties aside and just ******* you
smelling his scent long after we have parted,
spanking with a usmc swagger stick
spreader bars,
stamping foot and pouting at daddy,
taking you without warning, whenever i want
telling her "*** for daddy"
that first gasp as you enter her
the temporary insanity of lust
turning straight girls to the dark side,
verbal humiliation and degradation,
victorian discipline,
victorian ***********,
violent thrashing *******,
wake up cuddles that turn into hot sex,
waking daddy up by grinding my *** against his **** so he'll wake up and take what belongs to him
wanting someone so bad they become a need,
when a sexy girl steals my hat and puts it on
when i say "make me" and you do,
whimpering "please no" & meaning "please yes",
without the gutter my mind would be homeless,
wrists held by man's hands
writhing in his arms and struggling as he whispers everything he's going to do in my ear,
writing erotica,
you can still walk? then we're not done.,
you smell so ******* good, mmmmm,
your spanking is far from over, young lady
† blasphemy †.

Curious about: anal hooks, branding, chastity devices, church sex with pastor, **** pumping, corset training, double penetration, erotic hypnosis, ******* machines, *********, ****** play, medieval devices, multiple *******, ****** denial, public play, puppy play, service-oriented submission, sex in public, slave tattoos, turning anal virgins into anal *****, water torture, waterbondage.

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2 Responses May 14, 2012

Damn - now thats what i call a bucket list - ok so where do we start - lol<br />
Had to put paper in the printer twice to print it out.

If you printed it out start highlighting your favorites!

I share more of those than I care to admit to on EP!<br />
<br />
I thought of some fun t-shirt slogans while reading your list:<br />
"I've been naughty. Spank me."<br />
"I'm not wearing panties."<br />
"I know we're in public. Do it."<br />
"Take my clothes. Right now!"

I'd definitely buy all of those t-shirts. =]

I would be the best customer