The Face

About a week ago I was in the back yard with the family taking pictures. I attempted to take a picture of the dog that was laying on the carpet but of course he moved before i took it. well in looking back at the pictures i noticed a face starring right back at me there was no other things around the carpet or any  toys or nothing just the blue carpet and that face you could see the face and even see the carpet through it very clear it isnt anyone that we know or even knew when i show the picture everyone has no idea what or how it happend..I wasnt afraid more so just curious.  anyone have any ideas?
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3 Responses Jul 18, 2011

Interesting. Someone reaching out to you. I had a lady who resided in an old mirror. I thought she went with the house we lived in, but when we moved, she came with us and when we sold the bedroom suite and got rid of that mirror, she left with it.

wow i would wanna see tht picture too

I wanna see!

yea ok i guess i can put it on i just have to figure out how, it's really creepy looking poor man or lady..