Raped By A Friends Sisiter

My best friend was staying with me while in my junior and senior year in high school. Well a couple of times he had brought up the subject of his older sister and her sex capades. He was always asking me if I had been laid. I told him no I had better things to do because I did not have any real girlfriends but I did have a few girl friends. He then asked me if I ever ****** any of them. I told him no. We always joked about it until one saturday morning I was awakened by this naked plump girl crawling in bed with me after she took the covers off and discovered I had a morning hardon. She said , Let me take care of that, she jumped on me and stuck my **** in here and proceeded to **** the daylights out of me. I must have been the right size or she was extreemly horny. That gal was screaming her head off. She said do not be afraid of ******* in me I am fixed anyway pluws I am anympho and I love to have sex. So finally she convinced me and I came in her. She said, are you a virgin? I said I was, she replied you will be very experienced by the time this weekend is up. I am going to **** your legs off of you. Long story short. She did that very thing. I never  got her name nor anything else. I never seen her again.
dave61 dave61
46-50, M
May 10, 2012