What Bloody Part Of "blessed Are The Peacemakers" Wasn't Clear And Furthermore Forget The Apostle Paul

I'm so sick of war being justifved to christians. So tired of it.

I love the "good news" that it's the poor, the meek, the week that will inherit the earth. I love this idea. I get why it sells. We're all oppressed. Christiantiy is suppposed to be voice to the oppressed. But then I start having issues. See it doesn't get to where it needs to . it makes us all into victims of our own "Fallen state" to sell us it's solution which is jesus. What if we were never really fallen?

Paul causes several issues. See I think men should pray in private and keep their good deeds to themselves but he has to make us all into "filthy rags" to do so. So what motive do most christians have to even TRY To rise above the water? they have none.  That's the problem. Salvation is by Faith alone for so many but they don't  believe Faith  means Faith+works. They believe it just means faith. I believe if you TRULY were inspired by the life of jesus you would be trying to live his example. This is the problem I have with paul. He gives all of these faux morons and an excuse. Well I'll never be perfect so what is the poitn in even TRYING to be righteous? What the heck? who said Righteousness could ONLY be perfection? Oh right. "Filthy rags"

You know I'm an incredibly pure person relative to the people I know and have known most of my life, compared to the masses. I was raised this way. I don't see why purity is not worth striving towards. Love is more important than sex. Love is more important than EVERYTHING really.

I don't believe Love is infinite punishment for finite sins though and it starts to break apart theologically for me on those grounds. Hell is like unspeakable evil and this whole theological idea that god doesn't put people there but they fall into it is just absurd. All one has to do to fall in is to have heard of jesus and not submitted to him. That's it.  The merits of ones actions did not necessarily lead them there.

I believe this is an unspeakable atrocity that makes THAT god not worthy of worship.

If I cannot view "God" as perfect then it all falls apart. He becomes a Tyrant and a mad man. Jesus is alright. Jesus got the point. But the father? Wow.

I do not believe a god in his infinite wisdom would have all the cultures across the world brainwash people all these different ways and then have only one truth and only one path back to source and I can only  decide that ALL LOVE baseD PATHS MUST LEAD TO THE SAME TOTALITY.

and in that light I worship Krishna and believe humans fully capable of Divine love. Even divine Sexual love. of Agape. Of unconditotional love.

ManifestoOfThePhoenix ManifestoOfThePhoenix
31-35, M
Sep 25, 2012