My Island Home

Twenty years ago I was stuck down in the city, thinking about home in the country and how I missed it. This song from the Warumpi Band came along and filled in some of the gaps for me - helped make it all a bit bearable somehow. They were talking about being in the desert and missing the sea, but it's a feeling you can translate to anywhere:

rojblake rojblake
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5 Responses Feb 23, 2010

I love the last 1.5 minutes of it (the video, anyway)... the island scenes. He did have a great set of legs... and a great performer too.

its so beautiful..... george and them legs must be the longest skinniest legs i ever was a great loss to us all when he passed....luv u george

Touching :)

It was all about the feeling WG, which this song evokes so well.

Funny for a boy who lived 450 km from the sea! But if you think of Australia as a big Island I guess it makes sense....the dry wind blowin' :)